Blampede Farm is the heart of Lonesomeville.  Built in the late 19th century, it was condemned and slated for
demolition when we found it nearly 20 years ago - and fell in love.  Since that time, we have devoted ourselves
to recreating her beauty and integrity and ensuring she will thrive well into the 22nd century.

The craftsmen of Lonesomeville have designed, sketched and  constructed every detail of the restoration.  
From the cabinetry, furniture and tableware to the railings and gingerbread, no detail is overlooked by our
artisans.  We believe Lonesomeville is the most beautiful place on earth, and our pottery reflects the graceful
beauty we see around us every day.
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Wayne Hughes
LoneSomeVille Pottery Co.
5006 SE Long St.
Portland, Oregon 97206
(503) 774-5387

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            Showroom Hours

Lonesomeville is a destination shopping experience for all
of our customers living in or visiting the Portland area.  
Relax on the restored 19th century veranda, stroll the
extensive acre gardens.  Whether you are shopping for
pottery or just enjoying the gardens, there is nothing like
the world of Lonesomeville.   Come visit a slower, quieter
world of natural beauty and serenity.


Our showroom is open seven days a week; the
Lonesomeville Gardens are open May through October
every year.
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