The house and grounds of Lonesomeville are artworks in progress. Every detail has been conceived of (and
discussed to death), drawings are made and carefully executed. This is truly a world that pottery built.
When we found the place, the house was condemned and
almost unrecognizable as a Queen Anne.
Because of the support of our patrons and customers, we
have been able to restore the old farmhouse to her
original glory - and some.

Cabinetry designed for decor , storage, use of space...the video speaks for itself - literally !
Each tile was hand cut and glazed from our original
This custom tile work is a painstaking process but
the results speak for themselves.
The Fireplace
The Bedroom
The counter tile project was inspired by leaves
falling onto calm water. The 218 hand cut tiles
create the ripple effect of the water.


The Sink and Tile Counter top
The Library Fireplace
We used our Stellar Jay tile
to bring detail to the
upstairs fireplace insert.
With the jay as the
centerpiece, filling in the
space was easy with our
branch edging tiles and a
few blank tiles.
We used additional blanks
and edging tiles to create a
matching hearth.
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Gingerbread  2013- Back Of the

Gingerbread - Architectural Detail

Elaborately detailed embellishment; it is more often applied specifically to
the work of American designers of the late 1860s and ’70s. These details
were employed in the decoration of both public and private buildings.

Every external vertical or oblique surface of these buildings and many an
arch were decorated with fanciful hand-carved wooden latticework.

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Ceramics In Production
LoneSomeVille in Progress
Original Fine Art
Original Fine Art