Fern Vase Mold

Fern Vase

“For my next vase I want to do a fern vase.” Danny said. “That sounds pretty,” I said. Luckily after 30 years together we seldom make eye contact and he missed my sarcastically doubtful facial expression entirely.

First came the stage that I am oh so familiar with: Danny rolls out large slabs of clay which bear absolutely no resemblance to what he is apparently about to create. I smile understandingly – another facial gesture completely missed, by the way.

For the next four months he slowly carved it into being; most of the time keeping it wrapped. “Don’t want it to get too dry and crack” he said. If he would just look at me, he would realize I didn’t ask and really don’t care why.

When he finally unveiled it for the first time, declaring the piece finished, it was out of ribbon tight lips that I managed to squeak out a compliment.

Ain’t love grand?


  • Eric April 19, 2018 at 6:14 am

    Not only is it grand, it has rhythm. Like this design, the coils in the act of uncoiling

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