“I think I’d like to plant my pumpkins in the front bed this year.” At first I blushed, thinking it was his annual come-on until I realized, with some relief, he was talking about the garden.

“But the beds are filled with tulips.” I said “Exactly,” he said. It’s amazing after all these years how much of what he says actually doesn’t make sense to me and I’m terrified to ever ask him to explain it because I’m afraid he will.

“If I plant them now, when the tulips are tired and need to be cut back, the pumpkins will take their place.” Unfortunately, we had reached the end of my attention span and I had begun thinking of other things such as the realization that the most profound things I’ve ever said were actually quotes from Hello Dolly (“if you live hand to mouth, you had better be ambidextrous”….Come on – it’s true!) or my growing concern that my former hourglass figure could now be best described as soft serve ice cream.

Well, his clever plan worked beautifully which angered and annoyed me on two levels. First: his clever plan worked beautifully, and secondly, I had to hear about it. Gardening is stupid!

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