Peruvian Lily Drawing

Peruvian Lily Drawing

Because the house and inn are bereft of any hanging art whatsoever, I have been systematically wearing Danny into submission with my constant nagging and he has agreed to start committing more time to drawings and painting. The truth be told, it’s not his fault; every time he finishes one I sell it before the paint is dry, which is reminiscent of my dating days, but that’s another sordid little story.

I digress….

His task is simple, I told him. He needs to produce 4 large drawings, 3 really really large drawings, 2 large paintings and 1 HUGE painting this summer. It’s amazing how fast his eyes can dilate. Since he seemed a bit unsteady on his feet, I thought it best to leave the illustrated bird book off the list – after all there’s always this winter.

Here’s one of the first, large drawings – Peruvian Lilies. Once finished, it was over to me to work out how to hang it (why do I have to do everything!). At first I made a picture frame for it, and quite frankly, that was just embarrassing. In general, I’m shy and don’t share my opinion, but picture frames are hideous, take the attention away from the art, and anyone using them is an Idiot Esquire. So clearly frames were not going to work – easy fix, I lacquered a piece of display board and mounted the matted piece under plexiglass onto the board using small brass screws. I was going to use plate glass but it’s heavy and I’m weak. Finally the chain I used to hang the drawing from the picture molding is from old grandfather clocks – Clever! Arty! Martha Stewart or whoever the current domestic doyen is these days – eat your heart out!

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